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Clientzfeedback has come up with an extraordinary concept of automating customer experience management. This has given a leverage to any small and medium organization to quickly design customer feed back. Clentzfeedback has a repository of feedback templates and customer feed back questions from which we can choose. To build customer relationship is the fine art and there are big challenges to get customer and retain them. Customer preferences are the key to customer satisfaction. Top companies spends tons of dollars to do market surveys and get the analysis done through data mining. Online market reviews are the order of the day and every company is trying to send mails and messages to get the customer interactive through online feedback mechanism. Clientzfeedback is a boon to such companies who attach prime importance to customer feed back. Clientzfeedback paves the way to automate such mails sent for customer feed back through API. These API can be used to integrate with any of the existing application.

ClientzFeedback is a novel tool which is very handy in running email campaigns for Online Survey. This is totally dynamic and end to end flexible and scalable for the user to add question and options the way they need. The customer can add templates for future use.

Retaining customers costs less rather than hunting for new ones.

Cost on Advertisement and Marketing are really sky rocketing, Business people require a tool to Build brands

It's indeed a hurculian task today getting the customer feedback as and when it happens. Almost all companies have automated their feedback mechanism though it cost them a lot. But SMEs may not be able to share customer feedback forms dynamically when the number of customer becomes higher. Hence Clientzfeedback has offered a free tool for sending automated mails to customer for getting their feedback. There are few templates already available in the login with a run time sample. User friendly screens are given to create questions and develop you own client feed back templates. Clientzfeedback gives you a complete solution end to end.

Customer Relationship management- Every company is really working hard and serious about collecting customer preferences in their own unique way. A sizable part of the budget goes to formulating strategy to analyze precise information on what the customer needs in terms of product and services. Every time the company tries to reach the customer by some means to know what he thinks about the product or services he has been using. How does the customer feel about the experience of using the product. This create a relationship between the customer and the company. Customer relationship management made easy with predesigned questionnaire in ClientzFeedback. When mail is sent to the customer with automated process from ClientzFeedback, the customer spends very little time in giving the feed back be selecting few objective question and answer.

Today every company has taken customer relationship management a prime task towards deciding the performance of company. Hence Customer relationship manager assume a greater role in building customer relations management. This ultimately give importance to the Customer relationship manager in an organization who will have to concentrate on how to capture customer feed back for product and services. Clientzfeedback gives an impetus to the Customer relationship manager to design customer feed back in a user friendly manner where sending mail on customer feedback will be very effective by creating templates through Clientzfeedback. Customer relationship manager will be able to design the template, add questions and options to make the customer experience very easy.

Measure, Analyze and Improve!!!

It would be long leap for companies if they get to the metrics of customer satisfaction developing a meaningful relationship with the customer and establishing parameters to measure customer satisfaction.