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About ClientZFeedback

Clientzfeedback has come up with an extraordinary concept of automating customer experience management. This has given a leverage to any small and medium organization to quickly design customer feedback. Clentzfeedback has a repository of feedback templates and customer feedback questions from which we can choose.

Why ClientzFeedback?

To build customer relationship is the fine art and there are big challenges to bring in new customers and retain them. Customer preferences are the key to understand customer satisfaction. Top companies spends tons of dollars for Campaigns on market surveys and to get analysis done through data mining. Online market reviews are the order of the day and every company is trying to send mails and messages to get the customer interaction through online feedback mechanism. Clientzfeedback is a boon to such companies who attach prime importance to customer feedback.

How to use it ?

Register for free and use this from our user-friendly screens. Click on ‘HELP’ and take a tour of the process. Clientzfeedback paves the way to automate such mails sent for customer feedback through API. These API can be used to integrate with any of the existing application. With simple development knowledge one can integrate customer feedback.

Features and Benefits

ClientzFeedback is a novel tool which is very handy in running email campaigns for Online Survey. This is totally dynamic and end to end flexible and scalable for the user to add question and options the way they need. The customer can map questions from different category and design templates for future use. Select template and send mail.

Measure, Analyze & Improve

It would be long leap for companies if they get to the metrics of customer satisfaction developing a meaningful relationship with the customer and establishing parameters to measure customer satisfaction. Through Pie chart and Bar charts one can analyse the performance of feedback campaign. Grading of each category will help analyse.

What you get?

  • Retention costs less rather than hunting for new customers.
  • Cost on Advertisement and Marketing are really sky rocketing, Businessmen need a tool to Build brands.
  • Setup your Feedback template and send it to your customer instantaneously and seamlessly.
  • Send Feedback to your customers and know what they feel about your business.
  • Build the best feedback questionnaire and send it to your clients on the go.
  • Want to send Feedback questionnaire? Just spend a minute and we will get it done for you now.



  • FREE
  • 2 Products/Services
  • 100 emails per DAY
  • 2 Templates
  • 2 Campaigns per Month
  • No APIs
  • No Whitel Labelling
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  • ₹ 149.00/month - ₹ 1490.00/year
  • 10 Products/Services
  • 1000 emails per DAY
  • 20 Templates
  • 20 Campaigns per Month
  • API Documentation
  • No Whitel Labelling
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  •    ₹ 349.00/month - ₹ 3490.00/year
  • Unlimited Products/Services
  • Unlimited emails per DAY
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • API Integration
  • Whitel Labelling
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Create and import CLIENT details

Easy to add clients basic details. In case you have it in excel format, you can import the clients and get going. Clients are stored for repeat use for sending Feedback.

GROUP your clients for easy reach

You may want to send feedback to a group of clients very often or till the campaign is complete. You can create Groups and map the clients to the group.

Create unlimited PRODUCTS to market

You can run campaign for multiple Products of the same company. You can promote your brand by projecting the Product or the brand.

Create unlimited CATEGORY for analysis

You can categorise the questions with various categories and analyse the response based on category. This will be useful only for analytical purpose.

Create unlimited user-friendly OPTIONS

You can set options which the user may select. Each option will carry marks which indicate the grading of each response from the client for each question.

Create unlimited QUESTION BANK

You can create question bank for future use and select question based on prescribed category for each campaign. You can create user-friendly questions.

Create unlimited TEMPLATES

Finally you can create a template with a campaign name. This teamplate will include a set of questions which is already mapped to options. You are ready to go.

Create unlimited CAMPAIGN

This is where you set campaign to individual or a group of clients. You will select a group and a pre-defined template to run the campaign.

Dashboard Analysis and REPORT

User friendly dashboards with Pie charts and bar chart will give you instant health of the feedback campaign of the product. Analytical information can be derived.